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Anmol Pulsar - Pulsating Electro Magnetic Field Therapy devices
Our body runs on bio-electrical and chemical activity and a poor performance in the cellular activity of any one or a few of the sapta Dhatus (seven tissues) would result in manifestation of illness / disease.

Anmol Pulsar PEMF Magnet therapy device can help people suffering from knee joint pains, foot corns, non-healing ulcers etc in a safe and effective way by improving the self healing mechanism of the cells and elongating the channels in the sapta Dhatus / tissues.

People who have prior complications and who use various medications can continue Anmol Pulsar therapy too with guidance from their family physician. Anmol Pulsar simulates the Akash mahabhuta which is otherwise cannot be given in the form of medicine.
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Placement of Magnets for Ankle Pains
Placement of Magnets for Knee Joint Pains
Placement of Magnets for Sciatic Pains
Placement of Magnets for Womens Issues
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Dr.Nitin Kochar
MD (Ayurveda).
Observation of efficacybof Anmol Pulsar in resistant cases of residual swelling or swelling of unknown etiology

Anmol Pulser , an non invasive procedure to treat swelling, was used on ___ cases of resistant pedal, ankle and lower feet swelling ( pitting edema ) of unknown etiology, which did not respond to conventional treatment for long tenure.

  It was found that after 8 weeks of Present by Anmol pulsar, swelling was reduced considerably without any relapse for long period.

Patient were were Able to wear the footwear easily and walking score improved.

While on the treatment ,they were not given any swelling reducing medicines.nor any changes in diet was done., So it can be infered that , the results were of Anmol Pulser

Patients and Treating physicians were satisfied with the outcome.

 we need to do more studies to explore the efficacy and benefits.

Thanks to Kumar for bringing out such a non invasive device to address the issue.