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Anmol Pulsar - Pulsating Electro Magnetic Field Therapy devices
Illness is a state when the body loses its balance in functionality and one observes pain, inflammation, rigid movements, sleeplessness etc due to some anomaly in the body which is a result of poor lifestyle, wrong dietary habits, non-linear thinking etc.


Wellness is a state when the body stays in a balance and its functions are smooth, agile, positive, working and in swift movement mode. This is due to positive thinking, good dietary habits, linear thinking etc.
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Anmol Pulsar V1 PEMF Magnet therapy device India
How to use Anmol Pulsar V1 for knee joint pains, back ache, chronic foot corns, non-healing ulcers, circulatory issues etc
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Anmol Pulsar Version - 1
Anmol Pulsar Version - 1 (Kumar's Magnet) from Anmol Naturals is designed for issues relating to lower part of body

These are Magnet therapy devices useful in Physiotherapy. To be used under the guidance of an experienced Magnet therapist or Physiotherapist or a Doctor. This is not intended for primary medical care but only as a supportive one. Consult your doctor before using. Most of the models are specifically designed for individual usage, hence be careful while you get one for yourself.

After the start of the treatment, one might experince an increase in the frequency of urination and stools for a few days but this will be automatically settle or else get in touch with a physician.

Take two glasses of water before the onset of treatment.
Anmol Pulsar Shoulder / Knee Brace
We have been using Anmol Pulsar since three decades.

It has been found beneficial in a variety of issues ranging from reducing oedema, inflammation, pain etc.

In several cases of wound healing the formation of fresh granulation is quite rapid and stable too.

In cases of knee arthritis the effect of Anmol Pulsar is quite aggressive as it has a great leverage in controlling synovial fluid, reinstates movement quite fast, controls inflammation and when standard with protocol of Ayurvedic medicines is followed the subject has a better option of better movement at a lesser time.

We have also effectively tried on CKD and various skin diseases also with good results.
Dr.N.B.V.Gopala Rao
MD (Ayurveda).