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World's First
Anmol Naturals launches World's First Solar
Powered Magnet Therapy device - Anmol Pulsar based on
Bio-electiricity & PEMF principles.
Anmol Pulsar Version - 1
Anmol Pulsar Version - 1 (Kumar's Magnet) from Anmol Naturals is launched which is designed for issues relating to lower part of body
Anmol Pulsar V-2
These are Magnet therapy device useful in Physiotherapy. To be used under the guidance of an experienced Magnet therapist or Physiotherapist or a Doctor. These are not intended for primary medical care but only as a supportive one. Consult your doctor before using. Most of the models are specifically designed for individual usage, hence be careful while you get one for yourself.
Anmol Pulsar (Kumar's Magnet)
Anmol Pulsar V1 for Lower body rejuvenation
Anmol Naturals
Anmol Pulsar V-1
Anmol Pulsar V2 - Solar Powered PEMF Magnet therapy device for Diabetic Care
( A Way For Hope, Health & Happiness)
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Control Psoriatic scales with Magnet therapy easily and effectively
Comprehensive Management of
Brahmi 500mg Extract in Vegetarian capsules 60nos. Antioxidant & Memory Booster
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