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Anmol Pulsar - Pulsating Electro Magnetic Field Therapy devices
Our body runs on bio-electrical and chemical activity and a poor performance in the cellular activity of any one or a few of the sapta Dhatus (seven tissues) would result in manifestation of illness / disease.

Anmol Pulsar PEMF Magnet therapy device can help people suffering from knee joint pains, foot corns, non-healing ulcers etc in a safe and effective way by improving the self healing mechanism of the cells and elongating the channels in the sapta Dhatus / tissues.

People who have prior complications and who use various medications can continue Anmol Pulsar therapy too with guidance from their family physician. Anmol Pulsar simulates the Akash mahabhuta which is otherwise cannot be given in the form of medicine.
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Topic 1
These are Magnet therapy devices useful in Physiotherapy. To be used under the guidance of an experienced Magnet therapist or Physiotherapist or a Doctor. This is not intended for primary medical care but only as a supportive one. Consult your doctor before using. Most of the models are specifically designed for individual usage, hence be careful while you get one for yourself.

After the start of the treatment, one might experince a few more times of stools for a few days but this will be automatically settle or else get in touch with a physician.

Take two glasses of water before the onset of treatment.
This Anmol Pulsar is designed to cater the needs of lower part of body from navel to toes or to say for the betterment and relief of lower limbs only. This helps in relieving issues related to circulatory disorders of the lower limbs when used along with other / conventional therapy / treatment. The synergistic effect is observed to last more and comes in a rapid pace hence reducing the intake of medicines. The invisible and non-invasive magnet therapy based on PEMF principles gives better results.
Topic 2
Anmol Pulsar is the latest generation of Magnet therapy devices with PEMF (Pulsating Electro Magnetic Field) principles which has various power sources to give better relief at most times and places.

Anmol Pulsar is easy to use; no much prior training is required other than some mandatory cautions to be followed. Can be used for most of the people from ages 12 (twelve) and above. Another interesting factor is, water magnetized by Anmol Pulsar can be used even to household potted plants too for better growth.
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