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Anmol Pulsar - Pulsating Electro Magnetic Field Therapy devices
Our body runs on bio-electrical and chemical activity and a poor performance in the cellular activity of any one or a few of the sapta Dhatus (seven tissues) would result in manifestation of illness / disease.

Anmol Pulsar PEMF Magnet therapy device can help people suffering from knee joint pains, foot corns, non-healing ulcers etc in a safe and effective way by improving the self healing mechanism of the cells and elongating the channels in the sapta Dhatus / tissues.

People who have prior complications and who use various medications can continue Anmol Pulsar therapy too with guidance from their family physician. Anmol Pulsar simulates the Akash mahabhuta which is otherwise cannot be given in the form of medicine.
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Business Opportunity
.........very fast results i got in a patient of Pindikodweshtan, by using this machine, DM case.
Also in a case of rt sided single small ovarian cyst, dysmenorrhoea and other symptoms like mittlesmurtz, lessened and USG am awaiting after 6 months of therapy is completed.

Ayurved PC siddhant used with the use of Modern gadget, PEMF Working of Vibrations, Shabd of Aakash mahabhut, obliterating the Pratighat due to prithvipradhan vikruti of Strotasas.

Strotas clearing and cleaning, by use of Shabd or Vibrations , to clear up the spaces by PEMF, safely.
I combined other dravyas, and also Punarnavashtak Kashay (any Kashay can work but i prefer this 1 in most of cases) must an hour or so b4 sessions.

Thank you Solar Kumar Sir, for this cost-effective and safe and easy2use gadget.I even tried its use 4 hastening the growth of terrace plants as mentioned by you in earlier post, growing , thriving nicely some plants, aloe vera didnt have any effect though, its same as b4,

May be because its Jaliya or Aap mahabhut pradhan more than Aakashiya, one Akashiya plant is shooting up like stars, pics will share by clicking daytime.

..........Dr.Madhuri Patil...Mumbai
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Business Opportunity
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Anmol Naturals provides business opportunity in all places in India. Those who can invest about Rs.20k and have a kit for them, can also promote the same.

People with some medical background and having good knowledge in medical terminology can take a kit and give free treatment for issues like Osteo arthritis / Rheumatoid arthritis for a week or so.

Generally people with this health issue can have noticeable recovery in that time.

Later if they want they can buy the kit or continue paying a small fee ranging from Rs.50/- to Rs.100/- depending upon the situations per sitting.

Those who take the kit register with us for Business promotion, need to provide their details and we will provide some media coverage for them.

This is a good opportunity for many.

Contact us for more details.

These are Magnet therapy devices useful in Physiotherapy. To be used under the guidance of an experienced Magnet therapist or Physiotherapist or a Doctor. This is not intended for primary medical care but only as a supportive one. Consult your doctor before using. Most of the models are specifically designed for individual usage, hence be careful while you get one for yourself.

After the start of the treatment, one might experince an increase in the frequency of urination and stools for a few days but this will be automatically settle or else get in touch with a physician.

Take two glasses of water before the onset of treatment.