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Anmol Pulsar - Pulsating Electro Magnetic Field Therapy devices
Anmol Naturals started with an aim to cater the growing demand of nature based products in INDIA as well as overseas.

The guidance from Dr.Namburi Hanumantha Rao (Ayurvedic Physician) and Dr.N.B.Venu GopalaRao MD (Ayur) has its great importance here. The technical support from Dr.Kadimisetty Satyanarayana (Pediatrics) instigated us to introduce different products (Magnet Therapy products). The moral support to introduce a variety or products was extensively from Dr.Singamsetty Surya Rao (Retired Professor IIT-Kanpur).

Anmol Naturals is managed by Smt.K.Madhavi (Ex.Sr.Technical Assistant IIT-Kanpur) and Mr.K.S.S.Kumar.
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Late.Dr.Hanumantha Rao Namburi
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Paralysis.treatment.with.Magnet.therapy.and.Ayurveda Dr.Namburi.Bhaskara.Venu.Gopal.Ayurveda.Vijayawada
I had an elderly lady with chronic Asthma and with Eczema on both feet. Along with this she has vertigo occasionally and diabetes under control. Though we tried several combinations, either of the issue does not get controlled. But then we started using Anmol Pulsar V1 along with our set of Ayurvedic medicines and her usual Allopathic medicines. Interestingly, we find the asthma come under control, feet which were black have turned to normal and diabetes too was under control. This shows an impressive result. I have to thank Kumar for bringing out such a useful and simple device for use at home which is highly useful for aged people.
Dr.Jyothi Ashok
BAMS, Panchakarma